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Flight Fishing sends fast, customizable alerts for amazing fares normal travelers miss.

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Why we're different...


Go Somewhere,
or Anywhere

Sure, you can tell us exactly where you want to go but where's your sense of adventure? We've got the best way to find low fares to places you never would have thought to explore.


Travel Hacker Fares,
Without the Hacking

We discover the hidden fares of the internet and only share them with our subscribers. It's like a secret club for people who like saving money on travel.


For Flexible
Travelers Only

You have to be flexible with your dates to catch the lowest fares. Tell us where you want to go and we'll provide the when.

Browse our constantly-updated flight deals & get alerts for your dream destinations.

How it Works


Do you have an open mind? Sign up and browse all of our active deals.
Or are you headed somewhere specific? Subscribe to our deal-alerting service, tell us what you're after, and we'll notify you when we find an awesome deal that matches your desires.


Check back often to browse our deals. They change constantly.
Or if you've subscribed to our deal-alerting service, you can sit back, relax, and wait.


If you subscribe for deal-alerts, when we find something matching your preferences you get an e-mail with all the details. But be patient, we won't bother you with crummy deals so you might not hear from us right away. Just keep an eye out!


Happy travels! We'll help you find a great flight to book, but you'll need to pack on your own.


How much does this cost?

Browsing our active deals is free! But only our paid subsribers receive email alerts.

Where do I enter my dates?

You’re in the wrong place, friend. Flight Fishing specializes in catching fares for people who have a little flexibility in their schedules. We may not be able to get you to Aunt Betty's in Peoria for her birthday next Tuesday, but we will tell you whenever it's cheap to visit.

Why can’t I find the deal that Flight Fishing sent me?

When a store has a sale they usually don’t discount every item. Airlines work the same way. When we find heavily-discounted fares there usually aren’t many seats and dates available. If you don’t see it, you might be too late.

How is this different from the fare alerts that ________ sends me?

First and foremost, we leave you alone when we don’t have any low fares for you. We built some pretty fancy algorithms to figure out when a fare is low. If it’s not cheap you’ll enjoy e-mail silence. Because of the way we search the web we usually find better deals as well. We’re constantly studying the competition to make sure we stay the lowest.

I found a good fare I think you might like. How do I let you know?

Twitter is the best way @flightfishing. You can also send an e-mail to support@flightfishing.com.

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